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Based on4D cinemas, 5d cinemas add special environmental effects to the motion chair seat system.  
A combination of 4D motion chair seat system and 3D traditional movies is a completely new idea for simulative cinema. However,  
4D cinema just has dynamic chairs with few special effects.  
5D cinemas make up for the disadvantages of 4d cinemas.  
In 5D cinema , viewers can now experience new unique features, touch and feel such as smoke, water, snow, bubble, smell, lightning, legs sweeping , photo snap shooting system and other effects.  
5D cinema consists of the following:  
Motion chair system  
The motion chairs move according to the film story. The motion seats contain some effects which are controlled by the computer: falling, shaking, blowing, and water spraying, rotating, yawing, pitching, and rolling.  
And there are also other special effects integrated to the 3D movies such as: smoke, rain, lightening, bubble, smell, scenery and figures show. Thus, it can mobilize all the perceptual system of viewers and make viewers really come into the plot, feeling the scene very close and gaining all-around experience from your vision, hearing, touching, and smelling. Therefore, our 5d cinema could take you into the simulative environment, realizing your fantasy dream in your childhood.  
For the moment there are three kinds of dynamic chairs.  
They are 4D chairs; dynamic chairs of 4D and Motion systems. Although they have the similar name but there are great differences among them.  
Dynamic chairs controlled by servo motor which are also available.  
It is the best in these three kinds of dynamic chairs for 5D cinema use.  
The movement of it is the most synchronized with the sound and story on the screen whose error value is 0.05mm.  
It is the most expensive and most used in entertainment zone.  
From the visual sense, the screen structure of 5D cinema has three kinds of screen: flat screens; arc form semi-center of a circle and circular-screen .The aspect ratio of the screen is 16: 9, and it can widely expand the scope of movement for 3D objects and horizon, get rid of the constraint of plane sight and make the movie space resemble as the real space. It can generate many modes of motion such as crossing and surrounding, that's how it makes the feeling of space-time's changing. (It’s different from the "flat four-dimensional video" - which limits not only the audience's visual angle, but also the movement direction of the objects.)  
Polarized glasses (3D glasses)
For viewers to enjoy stereoscopic motion picture, we exclusively design and manufacture cylinder polarized glasses (the "stereo glasses") for watching stereoscopic motion picture. It makes different movie images from viewer's left eye and right eye, so that the image reflected in the human brain is a 3D image, thereby to create an immersed scene of the three-dimensional visual space.
We provide three kinds of 3D glasses: one for kids use; one for adult wearing shortsighted glasses and the one for adult only.  
Digital audio system
Produced from sound effects materials of high quality. The 5D cinema sound system is made up of Multi channel surround sound system. 5.1 systems provide sound to enhance the environmental sound effects. 5D multi channel surround sound system is designed and produced taking fully account of the stereoscopic motion pictures in 5D Cinema and can accurately locate objects in the motion, so that the sound is also stereo 5D film together to form a real three-dimensional sense of space.

Computer Control System
To make sure all the above elements achieved good effect, a computer is needed to control all the functions. The computer is the core of the 5D cinema, all software and programs control that every function is integrated into the computer. The movie has to be programmed according to the computer and then the computer set the exact time when to execute such as projection of sound, produce all special effects.

Based on 4D cinema, in 5D cinema viewers feel the scene close and gain all-around experience from vision, hearing, touching, smelling and take you into a simulative environment like a real world.

Based on 4D cinema, in 5D cinema viewers feel the scene close and gain all-around experience from vision, hearing, touching, smelling and take you into a simulative environment like a real world.



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