Our factory mainly produces steel shot, steel grit, stainless steel shot, iron shot, iron grit, copper shot, zinc shot, and aluminium shot. Our factory brings in the rotational casting, secondary quenching and low backfire advanced processing technique from Japan and our company owns the perfect quality measuring system and methods. Our products meet to the standards ...

steel shot

steel shot



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Steel Shot Be used for a roller type, chain type, hang the hook type, track type, pass type, turn a set type, accumulate a put type and tread into the type, trolley type Throw pill ï¼Throw pillï¼ãThrow pill Tidy up machine ãThrow pill Tidy up an equipmentsãSpray pillãThrow pillãSpray pill EquipmentsãSpray sand machineãSpray a sand equipments ï¼Steel material Prepare a processing Production lineãSteel plate Prepare a processing Production line, steel structure Prepare a processing In the production line of whet to anticipateã
We press strictly USA Cast Steel association âSFSA20-66Cast The steel whets to anticipate standard âãAmerican automobile engineerâs associationâSAE J827Cast Steel Shot standardâï¼The Peopleâs Republic of China black metallurgy professionâYB/T5149-93Cast Steel ShotâãAmerican soldier markâMIL-S-851 Tidy up and enhance to use metals steel sand Steel Shot standard standardâAnd the nations standardize organizationâISO11124-3 Standard high carbon Cast Steel Shot Cast Steel sand standardâTo produceã


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