SHANDONG DONGCHEN ENGINEERING PLASTIC Co., Ltd. Our factory is China's first enterprise specializing in synthesis, modification development and sales of long carton chain nylon 1212, and synthesis of nylon 612 and resin 610. By the way, the nylon 1212 developed by our reseach and development (R&D) department. The nylon 1212 has been rated to meet PA11 and P ...

Sell Nylon 1212 resin for hose/pipe materials

Sell Nylon 1212 resin for hose/pipe materials




 We have exported our products to our clients all over the world for about ten years. High quality and low price.
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PA 1212 resin can completely replace the PA11, PA12. It has the lowest water absorption among nylon, dimensional stability, oil resistance, alkali proof, high toughness, high strength and non-toxic, has excellent toughness at low temperatures. As raw materials for its production of PA1212, it can be used for extrusion, injection & blow molding, or made​​into powder coating. Mainly used for automobile brake pipe, pipeline, threading pipe and air conditioning hoses and other pipes, and other requirements.


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