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Guangzhou Jingke biological Technologies Co., Ltd.

No.2,Yuanxiadi,Jiangxia Industrial Park,Baiyun District,Guangzhou City,China,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China


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SGF Youth Anti-Aging Energy Decoding Device


SGF K series

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Feature : Face Lift IPL+ RF : Shortwave and Ultrashort wave Style : Stationary Certification : CE approved Brand Name : Jingke Type : -
white and gold : two handles


SGF Youth Anti-Aging Energy Decoding Device " introduced from the international originate and exclusive military technology which was transfer to civil technology hereafter" (a kind of magnetic technology).Application of stratification treatment modalities (the subcutaneous tissue was heated up without any discomfort, no any sensation of electric anesthesia and pain which is cause by traditional instrument)And quickly solve the tissue damage points (through the field of alternating principle to make rapid repair).Impaired point: the small range of organism which is treated by treatment head. SGF have eight curative effect: Almighty Firming, Dermis wrinkles, For sensitive skin, Elastic tissue, Subcutaneous acne, contract pore, Subcutaneous water supplement, Brightening skin.
Technology content: Radio frequency
(RF), Short wave (SW), (Magnetic field technology)
Wave (RF): current skin lifting, causes the facial muscles to temporary atrophy, it effect for 2~3 times, no long-term effect.
Short wave(SW): heating speed is slow, but a more gentle.
Magnetic Field(Magnetic technology): weak energy, but powerful repair ability; wrinkles removal, acne healing effect is more obvious.
Magnetic principle
The magnetic transmitter we use is the civil technology changed from military technology, produce the field of alternating drive power can create a physical reaction called eddy current effect in skin tissue, its stimulation of cell membranes to induce peripheral ion concentration so that the single cell volume increases, the magnetic field causes the ion channel of cell membrane open quickly, water and nutrition will be ionized under the magnetic attraction , so that electromagnetic molecules will become smaller, more easily absorbed by tissue.
Electric Field Principle
Ultrashort wavefield specific in 3mm - 4mm depth of subcutaneous and impact the dermal tissue by the focal surface. Capillary blood which are stimulated by it will mistakenly thought that the tissue injured, will emit rescue signal for healing , then skin dermis produce a large amount of collagen and elastic fiber to repair and parcel, collagen molecules gradually combined into orderly arrangement of the collagen, rapid the efficiency of the tissue.
Fat soluble principle
When the magnetoelectric effect in skin tissue, the thermal absorption ratio of subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue is 8:1, because the high efficiency softening effect in fat , adipose tissue absorb energy and make the triglyceride dissolve and released from fat cells, then decompose into free fatty acids and glycerol under the effect of MC (magnetic technology), soften, contraction, decompose make skin firm and elastic.
(1) Skin Lifting
The formation of wrinkles: the loss of collagen (wrinkles will come into being in the subcutis at the age of 18)
     Wrinkles are divided into: true wrinkles and false wrinkles .True wrinkle is the stable wrinkles which is form on face that can not remove. The performance of skin collagen fibers and elastic fibers decreased, causes the skin to lose its toughness and elasticity; False wrinkles is the unstable facial wrinkles, caused by temporary shortage or lack of water and oil, the wrinkles can be faded by the regulation of skin elasticity or through skin care in a certain period of time.
Form: Intrinsic ageing of skin , function decline of accessory organ and metabolism of skin, and lead to dermal elastic fibers and collagen fibers gradually ageing, make skin tone and elasticity decreased; Rich facial expression, the long-term lack of sleep, dry skin, improper diet, lack of exercise; the improper use of cosmetics, stimulation of tobacco and alcohol also lead to the skin aging.
Maintenance: increase supply of water, oil ,skin elasticity and tension; reduce facial expressions; pay more attention to rest, added sleep.
Formation of acne:Excessive sebum secretion; anomaly of keratosis follicular,lead to the clogged pores and the excessive reproduction of Propionibacterium acnes; (environment, improper use of cosmetics, lack of sleep, excessive sun ultraviolet light)
Acne is caused by anaerobic bacteria
SGF Ultrashort wave focusing in the subcutaneous tissue, make capillary tissue expand for 5~8 times, accelerate the blood flow, increase the oxygen content, thereby changing the acne survival environment, blocked sebaceous (oil) secretion, cut off the food of Propionibacterium, so achieve a sterilizing effect.
Actually SGF change the living environment of Propionibacterium, thereby making it unable to obtain food, and starve to death
Current clinical application is limited to: cosmetics allergy, allergic to sunlight, seasonal allergies, cold case of thermal, hormonal dermatitis

Principle and Characteristics of K Series SGF
         Through the positioning of shortwave technology, resulting in an instant positioning three Class alternating field of reflecting, in the subcutaneous alternating location, skin tissue On shortwave alternating field of impedance is very low, so the SGF emit field energy which human can get through skin tissue easily and effect in the skin, through Air coupling, short wave of SGF can be changed into heat energy of subcutaneous tissue in patients’ focus, the method of treatment in damaged tissues on subcutaneous Organizational, we call it non-thermal effect.
 SGF short wave therapy has the antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-free radical effect, inhibition on the central nervous system and peripheral sensory system, so have analgesic effects, effects on local vascular can enlarge it for 5-8 times, speed up the blood flow, increase the complement function of killing or dissolving bacterial in vivo antibody and collaborative antibodies, and can reflex the striated muscle tension quickly, make skin tissue to reach healthy state.
The traditional operation, filling, injection can solve the wrinkles, but cannot solve the inflammation and skin looseness .

Traditional phototherapy , electrotherapy is through the epidermis treatment, its energy is not easy to control and the effect is not stable, easy to cause skin damage, also have pain. It will get skin allergy easily after finishing treatment.
The normal skin care can help whitening, general nursing ,but the effect is not obvious in large pores, looseness, inflammation, the quality of the skin, skin color, age of skin.
Traditional treatment : Energy of RF(single, double) is not easy to control, Rf therapy is to make muscle temporary atrophy, which have single effective but lasting effect is not obvious, and the skin is easy to damage and easy to cause sensitive, can not solve the quality of skin, skin color, skin ageing.
SW RF can solve the skin problem and can supply nutrition, but the treatment effect of skin severe aging and the function of repair is not perfect.
SGF can solve the phototherapy, man-made trauma of electrotherapeutics , can activate the regeneration capacity of skin tissue and can solve the problems of large pores, skin quality , skin color, skin aging, repair the surface of skin and subcutaneous wrinkles, can also solve the problem of sensitive skin. Make the skin more delicate, flawless.
Matters Needing Attention:
(1) Before the start-up of instrument, cable joints must be tightly connected.

Otherwise there is no output, joints, and even cause high heat, then

damage the transmitter.

(2) Patients in following prohibit the use of this equipment: a heart disease,

Had done heart bypass operation, wearing a pacemaker,

A body implantable steel plate, uterine fibroids, and

the pregnant woman.

(3) The doctor suggested, a treatment of 60 minutes is appropriate.
 Treatment head is made of crystal, which has smooth surface can form the focusing current loop in the handle, and not human body is as a conductor, but release to eddy current through the crystal treatment head in the skin , use capacitance approach for treatment; During treatment, the skin will have a comfortable warm feeling, while the body is absolutely insulated, revolutionary breakthrough in old technology which traditional RF use body as a conductor; ensure the comfort and safety of treatment. 
SGF frequency can be switched freely, and without any side effects.
It is a global integrated SGF technology that can focus on the skin and have the stratified therapy.
It can automatically activate the vitality of skin cells, stimulate regeneration of skin collagen, repair damaged skin tissue; At the same time, through a large amount of water replenishment, the aging of cells is restored to health and young state. Not only it can solve the problem of wrinkles and skin laxity, and can make skin smooth, delicate, white, tender, rejuvenate to at least 5-10 years.
1, It has special curative effect.
 A, Deep layer water and nutrient replenishment make skin moist and white.
 B, Stimulate the regeneration of collagen through the thermal dynamic.
        C, Through the water locked by collagen in deep, and simultaneously the water and nutrients help the regeneration of new collagen, both supplement each other.
2, The unique global advanced technology of our product.
   Project of advanced and unique technology, high differentiation degree in market, the competition ability of the project is powerful.
3, Curative effect is good, customers tend to buy our product and service again ,and is not easy to appear the complaints, but also easy to attract new customers.
  4, The project itself fill a gap in the market of resisting skin aging:
From a clinical perspective, it created a precedent against skin aging, because it is an all-round solution of wrinkles, rough skin, relaxation, rough pores, dark yellow skin, allergies, photoaging skin problems ,it is a new comprehensive technology plan.
Twohandles : K6 & K8
 K6 handle(Mildrenovation treatment type)
 ): there are fourreplaceable treatment heads(probe)in K6 hand piece for option, they can change the wavelength range allowing it to be optimized for different applications and skin types. The focusing plane willcome into beingondepth 1~1.5mm,2~2.5mm,3~4mm,5~6mm of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue respectively according to the size of the four different probes.
Size 1(small)
Application in lines of eyes rim
Permeative Depth:
1 to 1.5mm
Nasolabial wrinkle, true lines of nasal ala, transverse frown lines, fishtail lines
Permeative Depth:
2 to 2.5mm
Size 3(medium)
Severe Chalasis and highlysenescence of skin
Permeative Depth:
3 to 4mm


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公司名称:Guangzhou Jingke biological Technologies Co., Ltd.

办公地址:No.2,Yuanxiadi,Jiangxia Industrial Park,Baiyun District,Guangzhou City,China, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China,






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